AM 4.00.01 released

Version 4.00.01 Fix support pattern setting for Cura slicing engine, values also renamed to 'Grid' and 'Lines' Fix changing language Fix languages using delimeter ',' for decimals can now save and use profiles correctly Fix [...]

AutoMaker 4.00.00 released

New AutoMaker 4.00.00 We have just released a new version of AutoMaker and although if follows our original ethos of making 3D printing accessible to anyone these are a number of new features that will [...]

AutoMaker 4.0 beta test

Take part in the AM 4.00.00 beta test which can be accessed via this link. You can also trial AM PRO features by grabbing a licence here.

Exciting Times at CEL-UK

When we heard the result from the Brexit vote we got a little worried and started to think how CEL-UK would survive in the UK when not in Europe. The devaluation of the pound instantly [...]

Dieselpunk Crawler, Part 2

After getting off to a rapid start my Dieselpunk inspired crawler ground to a standstill while I waited for parts, now that they have arrived everything is up and running. Sometimes when the design and [...]

Dieselpunk Crawler, Part 1

One of the best things about 3D printing is that it lets me work fast enough that I can get an impulse project from concept to reality before I lose the inspiration. I have had [...]

Ossum Racer, Part 5: Rear Axle Tested

This is a short one, but a good one! See the video for full assembly instructions, as well as my first powered test, and find the files for download here if you'd like to try it [...]

Ossum Racer, Part 4: Rear Axle Continued

In the last post we got a working differential together, since then I have been designing the axle tubes, axle shafts and the drive shaft. Axle Tubes I have mentioned from the beginning that I [...]

Prototyping F1 Brake Bells

Before Robox, we had no ability to prototype brake bells. The only option for us was to send them for manufacture, assuming our measurements were correct. As you can imagine, a few parts came back [...]

Manufacturing real Formula 1 parts with Robox

Tour De Force Motorsport power test, calibration and development services The CEL Robox and RoboxDual 3D printers have been a revelation to us, and an absolute pleasure to work with over the past year. [...]

Ossum Racer, Part 2: Motor and Gearbox

One day we will be able to 3D print functioning combustion engines in 1:10 scale, but for now the car will have to be driven by regular old electric motor, it's sad but true, I [...]

Ossum Racer, Part 1: Developing the Concept

In the last post I introduced myself, in this post I'd like to introduce the project. I have a real soft spot for the raw nature of roughly 1930's era, often single seat, open cockpit [...]

BLOG 1: Jason “Ossum” Suter Introduction

This is the first of what is going to be a series of blog posts in exciting collaboration between myself, Jason Suter (known as "Ossum" around the web), and CEL-UK, the creators of the Robox [...]

RoboxPRO launches at Bett 2018

CEL is the manufacturer of a range of low-cost power tools and the hugely successful POWER8 Workshop, an award-winning cordless benchtop power tool innovation originally featured on the BBC's Dragons’ Den. As a manufacturer, we [...]