RoboxPRO launches at Bett 2018

CEL is the manufacturer of a range of low-cost power tools and the hugely successful POWER8 Workshop, an award-winning cordless benchtop power tool innovation originally featured on the BBC's Dragons’ Den. As a manufacturer, we [...]

SingleX™ – Robox development and experimentation head.

Material development is constantly expanding upon and often stretching the capabilities of 3D printers. Robox features an open material system which gives users the choice of using filament from any source. We have always advised [...]

Robox is a tool, not a hobby.

Robox is designed to be Plug and Print. We are designers, we created Robox to allow us to spend more time designing, testing and refining our prototypes. Doing our jobs basically. As designers we did [...]

Pinshape 3D Printer Guide 2017

Check out the guide here! A perfect result in the Pinshape 3D printer guide for 2017. 5/5 across the board and some really nice reviews. 5/5 Print quality 5/5 Ease of use [...]

3D printed woodturning chucks and jaws

Robox user Henry @henry sent us some pictures and an article about 3D printer use in wood turning. Henry writes: "I am an avid wood turner. I bought my Robox to use with wood turning. [...]

Robox in East Ayrshire Primary Schools

"I selected Robox 3D printers to go into all our Primary schools after extensive research. The locking door ensures that the printing area is a safe environment and hands cannot make contact with hot components, [...]

Dual extrusion 3D printing

Coinciding with the glowing RoboxDual review (click here to read) published recently by All3DP, RoboxDual is fast becoming the leading dual extrusion 3D printer in schools, colleges and universities. Whether it's in a leading university like [...]

Robox, the #1 3D printer for education

The safest and easiest to use 3D printer for education, Robox delivers professional results with an award-winning user experience. Needle valves ensure only desired material is printed with no need to retract or wipe nozzles Hassle-free build [...]

CEL RoboxDual 3D Printer Review: Dual Extrusion Redefined

A glowing and very detailed review of RoboxDual from - All about 3D printing. Images from Alastair Jennings from writes: early comparisons against the UM3 show that the RoboxDual’s dual extrusion system [...]

Tiny Timbot!

I wanted to post up some feedback from a Robox user and share some of the amazing work he has been doing to make robots imitate life. Jason from Mechanimal emailed us this very watchable [...]

Dr. Cory Glenn’s Implant Pearls and Products

Based on Cory Glenn's Dental Town Post 'Cory Glenn's Implant Pearls and Products'. If you have a Dental Town login you can see the discussion here: Dental Town Message Board CBCT planning and guided surgery [...]

Print a Popup Poldark

Click the download button to make your own Popup Poldark to fit official Tomy Pop Up Pirate games. The file is RoboxDual compatible, just drag the 3 .stl files into AutoMaker at the [...]

SLA vs FFF / FDM workflow and space requirements

SLA (Stereolithography ) is often compared to the FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) / FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) process of 3D printing and always shows very impressive results. The detail level is far superior for SLA [...]