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Support material for Nylon prints  

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Steven Fagg
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Hi Ben,

Thanks for the info.

1) I presumed that leaving filament sticking out might cause an issue when other filament was being pushed through. I thought however it was always a bad idea to turn off the printer when the print head was hot.
2) Yes, the replacement part is £4.95 but I was ever given the option of them just sending out that part only - even though I had suggested that.
3) OK, sounds like this wasn't the best decision!
4) Given PVoH is so bad a filament I'm surprised CEL are selling it then! I've not left the filament out of the bag for any longer than necessary.

Thanks again...

Posted : 18th May 2019 10:37 pm
USA Robox Support Moderator

@stevepf During normal use, turning the printer off with the print head hot is a bad idea. When you have filament stuck and are following the official guidelines to remove that filament you are eliminating the issue. When you have this type of issue you should always open a support ticket to get the official instructions if they are not already published on the help pages. 

PVoH is not a bad filament. It is just very hard to use and users must take special care with it. When used properly, printed correctly, and stored properly it is perfectly safe and very effective. The real issue is that many users don't take filament care seriously and don't do their research on different materials before using them. This leads them to treating PVoH the same as PET-G or PLA and causes problems. I don't use PVoH unless I have fully dried it before use and then I either dry it again after 5-6 hours or keep the prints short. This effort usually means I don't use it unless I have a print that needs the dissolvable support, which is very, very rare. There are many easier to use materials on the market for support, and many PVoH blends that are also easier to use than straight PVoH. I have a reel of PVoH that I have to use with gloves because the moisture from my fingers causes it to go sticky. The PVoH CEL sells is a blend, but the material itself is still sensitive and requires a lot of care.

Posted : 19th May 2019 6:43 pm
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