Cant remove models from Layout  



As it says

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and

I have turned off and on everything in the universe in all different ways

There was no option to delete existing files so thats a mistake somewhere?

I am stuck with two models in the layout overlapping and no way to do anything


Plus the most annoying thing that I bet everyone here has
Why is the on - off switch that is used so often on the back of the printer
A four year old child would have put it on the front
As it it used so often

2 Answers

@jeffb There are three ways to remove models from the layout: 

1. Click on the model. Click on Remove.

2. Click on the model. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

3. Use CTRL-A or CMD-A to select all. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

You can also clear the entire project by clicking the X at the right end of the project name in the upper project bar. 

If that does not work, you can delete the project by closing AutoMaker and browsing to /Documents/AutoMaker/Projects and deleting the project. If you aren't sure which project and want to save any of them, you can move the projects into another folder. Once AutoMaker is restarted the project should be cleared. 

If that doesn't work, do a clean install:

If you can provide pictures of what you are seeing we can probably give you more specific answers. 

I don't turn my printers on and off much. If I am going to be using it, I turn it on and leave it on until I am done with it, anywhere from a couple of hours to several weeks. It isn't hard to reach back and flip the switch. I prefer it back there as if it were in the front there would be the chance of accidentally hitting the switch and turning the machine off. 

If you are turning the printer on and off a lot, please state why as this may be an indication of a problem with the printer that needs to be addressed.

To my recollection, you are the only person who has complained about the location of the power switch. This is a very common placement - my paper printer, laser cutter, all my 3D printers, and my TV all have the power switch in the same position. Even those that have a soft-on or push-button power control have a hard power switch in the back. 

Ctr-A worked thankyou
it was selecting which was the problem I should have stated really
just couldn't select either model
but ctrl-a fixed that
Off and on regularly because of head problems
I now have 2 new heads and both are regularly disappearing from printer recognition after printing
So I need to turn off and on to get the fans running again

@jeffb Head recognition problems is the sign of a bad X-Carriage. If you haven't already, please open a ticket and get the X-Carriage issue resolved. It should be relatively inexpensive if you aren't under warranty and will resolve the head recognition issue. Continuing to use the printer with this problem will result in print head damage.


that would be done how?

can I buy the parts??

And get detailed instructions

this printer was sent to england a few months ago

for upgrades etc

do not want to pay another $300 just to ship it there and back if I can do it here

I am competent


We typically only give these type of instructions via the support portal to avoid snowballed problems due to incorrect diagnosis.


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