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Upgraded to Automaker v4 and when you go to load a STL file the only files listed are Mesh Files ?  It works for me (I installed it) but not for other users.??  Any ideas anyone?

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@alex4855 This isn't new - the files have always been listed as Mesh files. STL is one type of mesh file, as is OBJ. The actual text on the file type menu is Mesh File (.stl, .obj, .zip) The ZIP archive option is for loading several STL/OBJ files at once. This allows you to use multiple STL files with the same origin point for multi-material prints. 

If you have other users on the same PC they may also need to install the AutoMaker software as it stores certain files in the user specific folders. 

Thanks for the reply. I agree, Mesh File (*.stl, *.obj, *.zip) appears when I log in. However, it doesn't when ever anyone else logs in to the workstation. Al they receive is Mesh File with no extensions applied. I will look to see what additional files, setup configs I may have in my default user area and apply them to other user profiles, but this is not standard practise surely?



Is it just the user settings in Windows?

Open any folder.

Click File

Change folder and search options

View tab

Untick "Hide extensions for known file types"

Click "Apply to folders" so it keeps this view for all folders


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