Printing in the wrong areas  


Done a purge and it's not right, see attached photo. 
It's not printing centrally, it's alike everything has moved. 
When going to do a print the clean/wipe is maybe 1.5'' off. 
Am gutted and not happy. Any ideas 
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Why are you posting here and not on your support ticket where this work was ordered? Your support tech will have the best information for you since they just worked on it. 

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Have you seen what time it is? I got the printer from Lee @ CEL 1600. It was about 1730 when the issue came to light and they are shut at 1700. 


Was hoping them that still use this item might be able to advise. 

Time doesn't matter here, and even so, no, I can't see what time it is in your location when you post. If you had a service done, your service tech will be best able to give you the proper answers. Users on the forum have no idea what was done to your printer and how to solve it since they weren't the ones working on it. You need to give the support tech an opportunity to address the issue. 


I thiough't this place might of been able to help but i see the typical manner of a Cel Robox support forum still is very much ever present. 

So the issue is the head is not aligned properly to knowing where is should be. 

I had a message for support but this is when I am at work and not possible to have printer with me at work. 


Assuming the macros are intact and default.

This will be an issue with the homing of X (the left and right motion).

  1. Wait until the unit is idle and cool, don't try this while the unit is active or hot.
  2. In AutoMaker. Enable your Diagnostics window via the Advanced page in ISettings.
  3. In the Diagnostics window you can see the X axis home indicator. When the X home switch is pressed the indicator is lit.
  4. Slide the head along the X rails all the way to the left side, the X home indicator should light up in AutoMaker.
  5. If not it may have something preventing it from operating.
  6. Take a look here
  7. Contact the support team for more help if the problem still exists.

For official support please create a support ticket using this link


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