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Has anyone had this problem where after hitting "make" Automaker (3.02.00) reports "slicing failed", the bed makes a small clunk and that is it.

I have sliced the same files successfully in the same version of Automaker on another PC (sadly that PC just died, hence why I now have to solve this).

My guess was that it was because this PC has cura installed, causing some kind of conflict, but I have reinstalled Automaker without it fixing the issue.





I see this is almost definitely a permissions issue, when I look at the log I see a lot of failed attempts to write in my user folder.

I haven't figured it out yet, but it's definitely a clue...

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So, just for anyone else who is having similar issues, the problem is not due to Automaker, but is rather a windows and/or antivirus "feature" which is "protecting" the user folders. I am of course delighted with how it does it silently without warning the user. Thanks Bit Defender 🙄 

In my case, Bit Defender was blocking access to user folders, but an exception could be added by looking in "safe files >> application access"

Others may have the same issue due to windows 10's "controlled folder access" if using Windows Defender.

Now to go and print some cool stuff 😀 

hah nice thanks for sharing.
I was going to suggest that there is a model hiding somewhere in the scene. eg if you ungroup sometimes parts in a set get located in crazy places outside of the view or under the build plate. A fix for that is CTRL+A to select all and then click Auto Layout.

Ah,that's a good tip to keep in mind for the future, thanks!


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