MultiPRO 240V AC Oscillating Multi-tool plus Cutting Pack

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A mains powered multi-tool for those jobs that need more than a battery can provide. Speed control, aluminium head and sensible hand position make it a great all rounder. Supplied with the AP08 Multi-tool Cutting Pack

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The powerful MultiPRO can handle many a difficult job. Lightweight at 1.1kg and comfortable to use the MultiPRO is so versatile with the appropriate accessories it can cut through all materials including metal pipes and tiles; sand wood, concrete and masonry; remove tiling grout, vinyl floor and glued down carpet; repair old windows and sealant around sinks/baths.

The MultiPRO oscillates between 15000~22000/min to ensure high speed cutting and has an oscillation angle of 3 degrees. Reach those tight corners that were difficult before. It’s the essential powertool no DIY enthusiast should be without.

The AP08 Cutting Pack was put together in response to requests from professionals using our Multi-tools and blades. A small but robust case contains an excellent range of cutting blades for wood, metal, plastic and masonry. Duplicates of the most popular blades make this pack amazing value. The CEL OIS fitting system allows these blades to fit most brands directly.

Functions/Common uses: Cutting
    Electrical outlets
    Hinges & locks
    Fixing Door lengths
Flush Cutting
    Copper pipe
    PVC pipe
    Skirting boards
    Wood dowels
    Wall plugs
    New Door Casing
    A Floor Vent
Sanding or Grinding
    Furniture, In confined spaces
    Broken floor tiles
    Glued down carpets
    Tile grout
    Old caulk
    Vinyl flooring
    Sealant around showers
    sinks and bathtubs
    Old windows
Whats in the Box? MT4 MultiPRO AC
AC11 – 34mm End Cut for metal
AC14 – Stainless Steel Scraper
AC29 – 90mm Delta Sanding Pad
AC30-40G – 90mm Delta Sanding Sheet
AC30-80G – 90mm Delta Sanding Sheet
AC30-120G – 90mm Delta Sanding Sheet
AC30-180G – 90mm Delta Sanding Sheet
AP08 ACCESSORY CASE containing:
2x AC11 Universal End Cut
2x AC12 Wood End Cut
2x AC13 Wood “D” shape
1x AC15 Wood narrow
1x AC18 Masonry End Cut
No-load speed: 15000-22000/min
Input Power: 180W / 1.6A
Rated Voltage / Frequency: 230-240V / 50Hz
Oscillation angle left/right: 3.0°
Variable Speed: Yes
Vibration according to EN 60745-1:2009: K: 1.5m/s2 a: 5.87m/s2

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Shipping Weight 2.1 kg
Shipping Dimensions 40 × 28 × 10 cm
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